Rinser Feedscrew Stabilizer
The Rinser Feedscrew Stabilizer was developed by engineers at Conveyor & Automation Technologies with the goal of reducing Jams and downed bottles at the discharge of a Rinser. It uses existing table top and air conveyor infeeds. While eliminating tilting of the bottle at the infeed of the Rinser it also gaps the bottles for proper alignment inside the Rinser. The Electrical Controls are integrated into your existing control system, there is tool less changeover and works with all bottle sizes (multiple screws). This cost effective product increases efficiency and reduces down bottles at the discharge of the Rinser.

Please contact Conveyor & Automation Technologies for a list of references of facilities that have the Rinser Feedscrew Stabilizer installed and running.

Available Options:

  • Easily adjustable table top conveyor from one hand crank which allows for base registered bottles. Eliminates adjustment of air conveyor at infeed and discharge of rinser.
  • Storage rack for all Change parts

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