interviewed by The National Journal

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On February 6, 2015, John B. Judis, writer for The National Journal, visited the main headquarters of Conveyor & Automation Technologies, Inc.  He was researching the effects of automation in the American workplace for one of his upcoming articles.

He spoke to Gus A Sarikas, VP of Sales, who explained that automating production environments have been instrumental in reducing labor costs, while increasing productivity for years.  This was noted during the last recession, when the food and beverage industry was looking to reduce costs to all-time lows.  Many companies partnered with companies like Conveyor & Automation in the development of new machinery in order to automate all aspects of their productions lines. Many projects were implemented as they had ROI’s of 18 months or less.

Lee Klimuszka, Director of Controls, showed Mr. Judis around our Research & Development lab, where currently multiple Robotic Palletizers were being assembled.  Systems such as these eliminate the need of labor and ensure “Lights Out” Production and consistent Quality.  Lee explained how, even though more complicated technology is being used to replace labor, the operators that will be using these hi-tech robots do not need anything more than basic training. 

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