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Conveyor and Automation Technologies, an authorized Fanuc integrator has offered robotic solutions for a variety of applications in pick and place, tray packing, case packing as well as robotic palletizing. Our experience as an exclusive Fanuc integrator, with the extensive Fanuc training enables us to craft unique cost effective solutions, to save labor and remove unsafe ergonomic conditions from the workplace.  Our experienced applications team, along with our in house End-of Arm design team can solve issues that provide long term production efficiency and flexibility.

Case Packing
Tray Packing

Robotic Bottle Case Packers:

  • bcp ebMODEL BCP-EB Empty Bottle Packer –   Bulk Box, RSC or Tray Packing  Packs Empty Plastic Bottles into box Single Layer or Multi-Layer Pattern or Bulk Packing
  • MODEL BCP-FG Full Bottle Packer – One Layer, RSC or Tray Packing Soft Pack Full Glass Bottles into a Tray or RSC Case With or Without Partions
  • MODEL BCP-VP Variety Pack Bottle Packer – One Layer, Packing Converts 3 or 4 “Like Flavor” Cases into “Multi-Flavor” Cases

Image of Tabletop Conveyor

Robotic Tray Packer:

C & A Model TP – 1200 robotic tray packing machine – including:

  • robotic tray packerFANUC LR MATE 200iC 6-axis Robot
  • FANUC R30iA Controller with Teach Pendant
  • End of Arm Tooling – Pneumatic Gripper or Vacuum Styles available
  • Electrical Controls, Robot & HMI Programming
  • Main Frame - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tubing Weldment
  • Safety Enclosure - Aluminum Extrusion Frame with Lexan sliding panels for access
  • Safety Interlocks provided on all enclosure access points
  • Factory prewiring of complete assembly machine

Row Pick Case Palletizer  - Model RP-2500 Robotic Bundle Palletizers:

robotic tray packerRobotic Bundle Palletizers:

Rows of Plastic Film Wrapped Bundles Picked with Mechanical Clamp EOAT Robotic Case Palletizers:

  • Cases are picked with Mechanical Clamp, Vacuum, or Shelf Style EOAT Layer Palletizer - Model LP-7500 Robotic Case Layer Palletizer
  • Provides Maximum Pallet Pattern Flexibility Capable of Rates up to 75 cases per minute
  • Model LP-7500 is a Layer Pick Robotic Palletizer that is capable of palletizing Shrink Wrapped Trays, Open Top Trays, and RSC Boxes with minimal set-up and high reliability.
  • Floor Mounted equipment eliminates Mezzanines & Provides Easy Access Overhead Mounted Robots capable of forming various Pallet Layer Patterns Based on Input from HMI
  • Layer Pick Tool - Servo Driven, squares, compresses layer and places on pallet

robotic tray packer robotic tray packer Layer Pick Tool

robotic tray packerC&A Robotic Bag Palletizers:

Semi-Automatic –Bag Palletizer: Model SAB-1500, Compact, Single Line Bag Palletizer

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