Conveyor Systems

Although many view conveyor as a commodity, we view it as a challenge to use the allocated space to design an efficient conveyor line, with a goal of running consistently.  We understand that every minute a line is down reduces profitability. Therefore, we combine our extensive line design experience including various methods of accumulation, and recovery, along with smart line controls, to maintain a high level of line efficiency. Quick change capability is built in for lines that running multiple products.  Our team of experienced Account Managers and Applications Engineers, working along with our Controls Team, create not only highly efficient production lines, but lines that startup quickly. These lines can also be remotely monitored for maintaining efficiency long after our team has installed and commissioned them.

We offer a wide variety of conveyor solutions from stainless steel and mild steel construction from small, and large containers, to case conveyor for small packs up to large cases, to pallet conveyor.  All of our conveyor solutions are designed with durability, quality and “fit and finish” that beverage manufacturers are accustomed to.

image of conveyorC&A Bottle, Can & Package Conveyor Systems

  • tabletop / mattop conveyor

C&A Accumulation Systems

  • Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables
  • flow through in-line accumulation tables

C&A Case Conveyor Systems

  • plastic mattop chain case conveyor
  • case & bundle “zoned zero pressure”accumulation conveyor
  • roller top mattop belting – reduced pressure case accumulation
  • mattop brake / meter belts
  • dual belt case turner
  • motor driven roller (mdr) case conveyor


C&A Pallet Handling Systems

  • Chain driven roller pallet conveyor
  • Right angle “pop-up” chain transfers
  • Pallet turntables
  • Drag chain pallet conveyor
  • Transfer Car

pallet conveyor drag chain pallet conveyor transfer car

  • transfer carEmpty Pallet Dispenser:

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