Standard Features

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction.
  • Sloped tank for easy debris removal and water reduction usage.
  • High volume non-clogging spray nozzles.
  • High strength modular plastic belting.
  • Large access doors for easy clean out.
  • Stainless steel shafts.
  • Tool-less removable side panels.
  • High powered, vertically adjustable blower system for water removal.
  • Dual water filters prior to pump suction.
  • Modular Construction for future expansion.
  • Center mount bearings on shafts to eliminate deflection or breakage.
  • Automated water fill and level control.
  • Low friction coefficient slider bed.
  • Pre wired electrical system with Stainless steel conduit.
  • VFD rated/controlled gearbox with all necessary components.
  • “Scuff-resistant” internal guard rails.


  • Steam Heat Systems with/ Pre-Plumbed Control Lines and other components.
  • GC Evans Hot Water systems utilizing Natural or Propane gas.
  • High Powered Evacuation Fans to Eliminate container damage in extended shut down conditions.
  • Skid based or machine based internal CIP systems.
  • Dead Plate free Dynamic Transfer Infeed/Discharge Conveyors.
  • PLC based operating systems based on New or existing Line Control.
  • Pre-Wired Local Motor Disconnects.
  • Automatic Dew point monitoring & temperature control system.

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